If you would like to discuss the option of a fixed fee on a specific case, we are happy to discuss your requirements with you and can provide you with a fixed cost. For SEN Tribunal Appeals (all categories of appeal) we will agree a fixed cost for our fees of ¬£3,500 (+VAT). This includes the following support:

  • Carrying out an initial case evaluation on the strength of the case.
  • Meeting with you to discuss the case and providing you with a case plan setting out what is required to pursue the appeal.
  • Ongoing liaison with you via telephone/email/ meetings as the case progresses.
  • Preparing the appeal documentation and supporting evidence. - Dealing with all correspondence with the Local Authority/School and LA professionals.
  • Dealing with all correspondence with the Tribunal.
  • Preparation of further information which will include, witness statements, costs schedules, information from your proposed school and any supporting school records/documentation.
  • Preparation of the Working Document where the appeal relates to the contents of the Statement/EHC Plan.
  • Attending a pre-Tribunal meeting.
  • All travel costs.
  • Providing representation at the final hearing (one day hearing) by an experienced solicitor or solicitor-advocate. If the hearing goes beyond one day, we will agree an additional fee with you. 

The advantage of a fixed fee is that you can budget for bringing the claim and are not liable for unexpected costs which may or may not have been budgeted for. If the case settles we will only charge you for the work that has been incurred up to the fixed fee.

The fixed fee does not include the instruction of professional experts or any other disbursements which may be required. These will need to be separately arranged and funded. We can assist you in identifying and instructing the experts required.