The Special Educational Needs (SEN) system is complex and can be very difficult to navigate. Unfortunately, it is also littered with bad advice; misunderstandings of the legal duties that apply; and an apathy from advice providers and educational settings who may promote a culture of "least resistance" or a view that "we can't do anything about it".

The key for Parents and Carers is to be able to access  independent advice and guidance from legal specialists so that decisive action can be taken quickly for the benefit of the child or young person.

The pages that follow have been designed to do just that and will help you to cut through the malaise which unfortunately exists within this specialist field. You can access the following: 

  • Ask the Judge - a specialist Members only forum provided through Facebook, which provides a portal for accessing initial advice and support. 
  • SEND Facebook Group - a dedicated area providing updates on the law and practice in the field of SEN and Disability. 
  • E-Consultation - submit your child's Education, Health and Care (EHC) for review by legal specialists. 
  • Factsheets - key information and questions on the SEN system. 
  • Letters and documents - can't afford legal advice? Why not utilise our free precedents which you can adapt for your own personal use.  
  • Frequently Asked Questions - our answers to the most commonly received queries from Parents and Carers. 

All of the information provided on these pages is free to download and we hope that it helps you to resolve difficulties without having to resort to lawyers.