We are one of the leading firms in the area of special educational needs and disability. To ensure that quality legal support is available to all, we offer a pro-bono service to those who meet our eligibility criteria. Support can be accessed free of charge.

We also offer monthly pro-bono "walk in" clinics where parents can make an appointment to come and discuss their case with a specialist education solicitor.

To date, we have had 100% success rate for parents who have used our pro-bono support. We are pleased to be able to help and to secure good outcomes for children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities. Some recent examples of the types of cases we have acted on are described below:

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Pro Bono Consultation Testimonial

I can not thank the SEN4You team enough. Without your support my case had no direction.  I was gearing up for my second hearing, my working document was in a mess, and I was still compiling evidence submission for my case. The Local Authority were legally represented by a barrister. I visited the pro bono clinic as part of Pro Bono clinic organised in the city. I rang the helpline, explained my situation, and it was really easy to make an appointment. I received confirmation of an appointment very promptly, and i was even advised to email all my paperwork so the case worker could read my case and offer appropriate advice on the day. On the day of my visit, I found Kay to be very knowledgeable about SEN law and my case. I was very impressed, and agreed to accept their support. They were very kind to offer me free service as I was doing the case on a budget. We communicated three to four times via email and by phone call. Kay helped me to finalise my working document. It was very professional, from a very messy document, it was transformed into a easy to read, and clear document which outlined my daughter's needs and how these could be met. SEN4You also liaised with my local authority on my behalf, which was really helpful and it saved me time. I also had a telephone consultation with Mark to discuss case strategy, without this I don't believe I would have been able to present my case as well as I did. Going through tribunal is not an easy process, however getting support from SEN4You made it a little bit easier than I had envisaged. I am pleased with our outcome - that I was successful in securing a suitable placement for my daughter. I couldn't have done this without receiving support from SEN4You and their expert guidance.