SEN4You specialises in resolving education disputes between parents, young people, education providers and local authorities. We provide general disagreement resolution services which are distinct from our mediation services to assist with the resolution of disputes in accordance with the Children and Families Act 2014. Our service is available to all children and young people with SEN and not just to those who are being assessed for or have an Education and Health Care plan.

We are experienced in facilitating disputes in the following areas:

  • Parental complaints
  • Bullying disputes
  • Exclusions
  • Parental disputes with schools and local authorities
  • Special Educational Needs disputes between parents, schools and local authorities
  • Claims of Disability Discrimination

Where there is an ongoing relationship, disagreement resolution can be particularly important in ensuring that disputes are resolved in such a way as to enable the parties to continue working together.

Disagreement Resolution can be applied at any stage in the life of a dispute, for example when:

  • A serious difference arises which cannot be resolved directly between the individuals concerned, but they agree that a facilitated discussion is likely to be helpful;
  • A grievance has been raised which, if not resolved, will lead to the need for formal procedures to be started;
  • Parents are refusing to send a child to school;
  • Legal proceedings are threatened;
  • Legal proceedings have been issued.

We are committed to promoting disagreement resolution as a viable alternative to the excessive personal cost in stress, time and money caused by unnecessary litigation, lack of effective communication and unresolved conflict.

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